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Planning a Funeral

After someone you love

passes away, the last thing you want is additional stress caused by difficult funeral-related decisions

How Can I Plan a Funeral?



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To make a well-informed choice on where and how to lay your loved one to rest, you should be familiar with aspects such as funeral costs and the types of ceremonies and services available.  There are also burial alternatives that may meet your religious requirements and loved one's wishes better than a traditional burial service.

Remember, you can still have a ceremony or funeral service even if you choose cremation.

It is natural to be overwhelmed with the planning of a family member's funeral.  What are all the steps involved?

Here are a few things you should understand as you being to make preparations:

  1. Did your loved one leave instructions about what they desired for a funeral or memorial service?

  2. Did your loved one have a pre-arranged - prepaid funeral plan

If your loved one did one or both of these things, then you will need to contact the funeral home of their choice and they will help you walk through the arrangements.  If your loved did not leave instructions or have a prearranged, prepaid plan, then you should immediately​

  1. Talk to you family members about this important decision to balance your budget with the wishes of your decased loved one;

  2. Select a provider cautiously;

  3. Compare Burial and Cremation Cost

  4. Federal and State Laws require that everyu funeral home and cremation services provide you with a printed price itemized general price list during face to face appointments.  They are also required to provide you a quote over the telephone.

  5. Caskets can range from $2,000 to well over $10,000.  Burial containers are usually required in most cemeteries.  Funeral homes are prohibited from denying you service or charing you a higher price because you bought a casket elsewhere.

  6. Choose from different types of ceremonies:

    1. There are a variety of options availabke to suit your specific needs.  Depending on your loved one's personal preferences, culture or religious traditions, you may choose a public or private services; viewing and visitation.​

    2. If you choose cremation, you can bury the ashes, divide the ashes between family members, scatter the ashes or keep them.

Prearrangements for funeral services and cremation plans will relieve stress when the time of need arrives.

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