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Our Services



Church & Ministry Management Services provides several areas of service which include:

  1. Financial Services for Non-Profit Organizations using well proven financial software;

  2. Videos prepared for Memorial Services, Birthday & Anniversaries, and/or Special Occasions.  *See Plans and Pricing for details;

  3. Other Financial Services:  Individual Tax Preparation; Help with Non-Profit Bylaws, Incorporation and Policy Manuals;

  4. Documents, Brochures and Certificates prepared.



If you are needing someone to serve as a Pastor, Chaplain or Celebrate for a Funeral or Memorial Service for a loved one, we are here to serve you and help put a service together.  We provide two forms that help us help you:

1. Service Information Form.

    This tells us details about the service, and

2. Building a Life Form.

    This provides details about your loved one or friend so that the service is not generic, but personal and comforting to the family and friends in attendance. 


We can also offer help in choosing songs for the service, and help you with a rememberance video.



Gary Everett has been in Gospel Ministry for 50 years and has served as senior pastor of four congregations in Texas and Colorado.  During his ministry he has not only been a senior pastor, but has been a revival speaker, camp meeting speaker and spoken at large ministers conferences.  He served a denomination at their conference offices in Texas and Colorado, serving as Corporate Secretary-Treasurer, and convention and conference coordinator.


For more about his ministry, click the "More Info" button below.

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