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Meet Gary Everett


Known for his comforting and uplifting celebrations of life, Gary has been in ministry for 50 years and has served as senior pastor of four congregations in Texas and Colorado.  He earned his Master of Business Administration as well as a Bachelor of Divinity Degrees.  Although he has served in many positions such as University Board of Regents, Denominational Boards and committees, his greatest passion is serving people at the local level.  Recently retired as pastor, he has actively worked in the funeral business for 40+ years and through experience, has a developed a passion for ministering to people during situations of crisis and brokenness.  Grieving families need someone to help pick up the pieces and offer words of comfort, peace, and hope.  He understands that families deserve to be treated with utmost care and respect, especially when they experience the loss of a loved one.  Pastor Gary will coordinate with family members to develop a personal and dignified celebration of life service.  The unique details of an individual’s life are vital and should be highlighted during the funeral/memorial service.

He and his wife Marla have three grown sons, and two grandsons.

What We’re All About

Compassion Ministries

of Tarrant County

Compassion Ministries is what we are all about.  Doing what we can to provide assistance in several areas:

  1. Provide Compassionate Life Celebrations for a Loved Ones Funeral Service, Memorial Service, or Graveside Service;

  2. Provide Church Ministry Management Services, such as non-profit accounting, video celebrations, assistance with establishing ministries;

  3. Provide Pulpit Ministry for Interim Pastoral Ministry, Fill-in or Revival Servicess, or speaking to small groups;

  4. Counseling | Mentoring Ministries as needed.

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