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Sample Order of Service Form

General Questions

How do you officiate a service for someone you did not know?

The Building A Life Story form, completed by the family, gives information that can be shared at the service on behalf of the family.  Obviously, we would never make the statement that we did not know your loved one.  It is simply stated that we are blessed to give your family a voice on a day where it is difficult for you to speak.


What if my family is not very religious but we still need a pastor?

A list of classic passages like Psalm 23, the Lord’s Prayer or John 14, can be provided, which make it very easy for your family to choose a passage.  We also provide opening and closing prayers which will be of comfort to the family.


Will you try to persuade people to become a Christian?

That will happen only and if the family request it.  The officiants’ purpose is to offer comfort and support to the family, and not to interject religious dogma.  Using the emotions of a funeral to get someone to repeat a prayer is not our normal custom.


Is it possible for a family member to share a tribute or eulogy?

Absolutely!  We encourage a word from the family, even if that is just to thank every for coming.


How will you help me plan the service?

We gladly share a basic Order of Service and work with you to tailor it to your desires, including music, additional speakers, life videos.  A sample of a basic order of service with three songs is to the left!<<<

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