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Building a Life Story Form

What is a "Building A Life Story Form"?


You've heard the story about the dash - the dash between two dates that mark a person's birth and their death!  That dash is full of life for your loved one.  Let's make their life count, known and celebrate!

Completing the Building a Life Story Form is a perfect way to remember the life of your loved one.  Although the form is generic in form, it will serve to have a personal and "non-generic" service, reliving and celebrating their life.


As you complete the form, keep in mind that the service is about them and for you.  Remembering is very important, and some may not know of special activities and cvents that was part of your loved ones life.

Please complete the form to the best of your ability!  Think about their wonderful life and share it with your family and friends.  Fill in what you can.  Step away and think about their life, and come back and add more.  This form helps you to focus on their life, which is very difficult at this time.

If there are areas that do not apply, just put "N/A", and go to the next item.


If there is something you would like shared that is not addressed in this form, please add that information to the contact page.  This way, your effort to celebrate their life will allow us to make the service more personal and not just a generic service.

Please provide as much information as possible, as much as you want to have shared.

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