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Interesting Articles About Funerals

From time to time, we find articles that may prove interesting and informative about Funeral and Memorial Services.  A Funeral or Memorial Service is not something a person does every day, so there are so many twists and turns to consider.  Hopefully the articles included here will be beneficial and helpful to you.

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Document Download

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Use the download button to download your copy of the following documents:

1) End of Life Planning Guide

2) Funeral Planning Designation

3) Getting Your Affairs in Order

4) Medical Power of Attorney

5) Durable Power of Attorney

6) Advance Directive Form

7) Living Will Form

8) Simple Last Will & Testament

9) Directive to Phyicians and Family or Surrogates Regarding COVID-19 or

    Variants Thereof and Treatment Protocols

10) Appointment for Disposition of Remains (Texas)

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